Faded Photograph

Faded photograph
Watching me across the room
Silent sentinel
Watching everything I do
You’ve seen me grow up
You’ve seen me grow old
You remember the stories
That I’ve never told
Such a faithful companion and friend
After all these years

Faded photograph
On a bookshelf all alone
Distant memory
Of a life I used to know
Eyes sparkle like jewels
In sunlight unseen
Your hair flutters gently
In soft timeless breeze
I can still hear you whisper my name
After all these years

Faded photograph
Locked in time, you never change
Dusty valentine
Of a heart that’s rearranged
Where once there were colors
The world’s full of ash
Where once there was laughter

Beautiful, beautiful angel
Lovely, lovely stranger
Won’t you come home
Won’t you come home
After all these years?