Far Away

Far away and in the evening
Far beyond these restless winds
Past these angry storms of longing
Past the barren drought within
Far beyond this endless twilight
Past these earthquakes of regret
Beyond the forest fire burning
With cinders of neglect
Far away
Far away

Far away and in the nighttime
Beyond this veil of memories
Beyond this crooked path of failure
Past this tangled mystery
I would tear our silent curtain
As if it were love’s final act
Return to what was lost but living
Before this moment is past
Far away
Far away

Far away and in the morning
Planted in the Garden Hope
Immunity holds constant vigil
Crushing down the serpent soul
Fugitives need but surrender
To the humble dust of earth
Then like the firstborn of creation
Taste love’s sweet rebirth
Far away
Far away
I wait for you