Choosing to Remember

On dark winter evenings, when the sun sinks beyond the horizon before the afternoon has barely run its course, it is easy to forget.

Easy to forget that the days will eventually get longer.

Easy to forget that winter will end as surely as spring will come.

Easy to forget that the ancient darkness cannot overcome the Everlasting Light.


How quickly the forgetting becomes disbelief. And so we must choose to remember.

…We light a candle, and choose to remember the One Who Shines in the Darkness.  

…We give thanks for the meal in front of us, and choose to remember the One Who Meets Our Needs.

…We gather with other believers, and choose to remember the One Who Brings Us Together.

…We eat the bread and drink the cup, and choose to remember the One Who Sacrifices Everything.

…We baptize one another, and choose to remember the One Who Brings Back From The Dead.

In all these things, remembering allows us to re-align our hearts to God’s goodness. Left on our own, we would too quickly forget.

And so, as a new year begins, let us choose to remember. He who was trustworthy in the past will be trustworthy in the future.

“The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.”

(John 1.5, NIV)