Poem on the Edge

How bravely you stand
Stuck mid-sentence
Blinking back tears, swallowing words
Wanting to edit a life that longs to be heard
Don’t forget
Don’t ever forget
That you are a masterpiece
A masterpiece in the making

Beauty sings all around you
Jumps off the page
Zips and zings in cadence and word choice and rhyme
Yes, you are the Poet’s gift
An unfinished poem in a kingdom of unexpected delight
Marvelous and astonishing
Grace unfurling for all to see and hear and hold

And yet
And yet you can’t always see it for yourself
To recognize the Poet’s handwriting
To hear the golden whispers and feel the holy sway
And so, instead, you hesitate
Standing barefoot on the precipice of 
The unwritten
The unraveled
The not yet
The undone

A poem on the edge

Leap high and far!
Forget what you don’t yet know
And live the poem you already are