Homesick for the Future



Yup, I hear that at my house all the time. Kids seem to have an innate sense of right and wrong, don’t they? That somehow the compass of the world should line up in a certain direction. And when it doesn’t, the disconnect is keenly felt.


Yup, I hear that in my heart all the time, too. The Blink-In-The-Breathtaking-Sunlight moments of beauty that pass far too quickly and don’t happen nearly often enough. The underlying restlessness and discontentment that surge across my radar screen when I least expect it. Unfulfilled relationships. Disappointment in self. Insecurity. Empty or ragged pages in the scrapbook of my heart.


Yup, life isn’t fair. And many times, my response has been to dismiss the AIN’T FAIR rally cry as an unrealistic longing, or to scramble to pacify the injustice with self-made solutions that don’t work and never last. Lately, though, I’ve begun to think that perhaps I need to allow those moments to shape my heart in a different direction, to recognize them less as a “reality check” of the world in which we live and more as a forward reflection of the Not Yet for which we were created.

In other words, perhaps the unholy disfigurements of life can serve a holy purpose, if and when I permit them to become beacons that faithfully point me towards Promised Future Rightness. They can help me recognize that I’m homesick for The Place I’ve not yet visited. Nostalgic for The Fullness I’ve not yet experienced. Lovelorn for The One I’ve not yet seen face to face.

Easy? No. But somehow, at least for me, there’s comfort in knowing that I expect beauty because we were made for beauty. I expect love because we were created for love. I expect justice because we were made for rightness. These are good and healthy expectations.

And someday…when tears are but a memory…they will also be fully met.

Looking forward to then,