Today's blog is brought to you...

I spent the night in an endless run-on sentence.

Nuts I forgot to check on that statement at work I'd better do it next time I'm at the office and I still can't believe we missed that homework assignment for Young Man this week I sure hope he doesn't always have so much homework and I wonder what we should eat for supper we really need to figure out more ways to save money and OH NO we didn't set up that appointment for a plumber to fix our rusting pipe that's about to burst and when will I ever get caught up on organizing the piles around the house and wasn't the weather great yesterday I should get a short sleeve shirt for Young Lady from the attic and what did the pastor say about praying continually and...

I could go on, but you get the picture, yes?

Of course it didn't help that I was all miserable and achy, freezing one second and sweating the next. The tissue box had become my new best friend, keeping me company on the couch as I tried to fight back visions of life without punctuation.

Morning finally came and, as you might have guessed, I was worse for the wear and fully depleted. Armed only with hand sanitizer and a replacement box of tissues, I was no match for a new day.

Young Lady made an unusual request for me to pick her up from school instead of taking the bus home. I agreed, and quickly composed a note to give to her teacher. Sometimes the best we can offer is to simply be there for someone. Sometimes, it's the most important thing, too.

My day escaped in a fog, and I arrived at Young Lady's school.

"I need your help," I explained to her as I slipped the camera into her hands. "Will you go on a blog hunt with me today? My brain is too fuzzy to capture the world right now."

She said she'd do it, and I thought to myself that she felt good that I asked for help. Sometimes we need to be needed.

And at the park she studied God's painting techniques and breathtaking colors and shadowed designs and I wished I was holding the camera, so I could take a picture of her taking pictures. A wild turkey startled us in the bush, but refused to pose for us.

At home, we looked through the pictures, choosing our favorites. I assured her that many of my shots come out fuzzy too, but not to worry, we had plenty of great ones to use.

I still felt miserable, but this time it was punctuated by Young Lady's pride in her work, and our enjoyment of being together, of trying to find God's fingerprints together.

And so today's blog is brought to you courtesy of Young Lady.