Three More Days

I took these pictures this morning. After one of the snowiest winters on record, the weather forecasters tell us that the entire snowpack is expected to be gone within the next three days.

After more than 40 winters, I still have a hard time actually *believing* that spring is just about to burst onto the scene. The promise just seems too…audacious. Makes me wonder what it’s like for folk whose first visit here is during winter. They have no point of reference for the spectacular beauty of our spring other than these mounds of snow.

Jesus himself was into making audacious promises. Especially that whole “after three days I’m gonna rise again from the dead” statement. Some scholars, reading the story in retrospect, ‘tsk tsk’ the disciples as if they were Significantly Stupid for not understanding their Master’s claims. I, on the other hand, feel a tad more sympathy for those early followers. They were born into Winter. How could they truly know what the promise of Spring meant?

Three more days. A lot can happen in that time.

For hearts planted with Belief~