Not Me {slog edition}

Hungry. Lonely. Tired. Scared.

These are just a few of the vocabulary words in my Book of Excuses.

But *he* __________. If only *she* hadn't ___________.

Sound familiar?

So many ways of saying NOT ME. I'm not responsible. I'm not to blame. What I've done is not nearly as bad as what that person over there did. I just couldn't help myself.

And somewhere along the way, forgiveness becomes an inexpensive commodity, the cross a cheap accessory. After all, *I* wouldn't have put Him there. Not me.

Funny thing is, until NOT ME becomes YES ME, grace doesn't make much sense. Grace, the ultimate antidote to self. Grace, the ultimate gift.

The following song is an imagining of being...There. May its challenge also reflect the grace that awaits.

Written and performed by Lisa Venkatrathnam
© 2009, All rights reserved.

Just beyond the midnight
In the moment of your need
From the shadows of the courtyard
I hear you, suffering
Standing by the fire
They ask me if I’m yours
Just beyond the midnight
Fear takes control

Look back, look back, look back
Look at where I’ve been
I’m searching for the moment
Betrayal begins
When the sunlight falters
Will I still call you Lord?
Just beyond the midnight
They ask once more

One, two, three
Is treason just a game
One, two, three
That I’d deny your name?
Please forgive me
Forgive me

Just beyond the midnight
I see you, bound and bruised
Just beyond the midnight
I taste the truth
Just beyond the midnight
But you already know
That just beyond the midnight
The rooster crows