The View From Here

For many decades it stood as the tallest building in the metro area. Now dwarfed by more recent skyscrapers, the 31st floor outdoor observation deck still offers fantastic views.

How different the world looks from up here. Miniature cars, toy box cathedrals, interlocking highway systems, distant lakes dotting the landscape like springtime puddles. It is truly a stunning birdseye view.

The world, of course, wasn't transformed during the course of an elevator ride to the top of a building. No, the world around me didn't change. Only my perspective of it.

Makes me wonder how many times I want something to change in my own life, when perhaps what I *most* need is simply a different perspective. What would I see, if I saw the world through God's eyes?

What would be dwarfed?

What would come into clearer focus?

Good questions to ponder as I look out over the landscape of my heart.

That His view would become mine,

"See, I am doing a new thing. Don't you perceive it?"
(Isaiah 43.19)