Valentine's Day Remix

Our family Valentine celebration this year was interrupted by the Stomach Bug Two Step. Not to worry, Young Man still managed to win first place in his class for Largest Valentine Contraption Ever, standing just under 3 feet tall and fully equipped with a blinking heart and spring-trapped doors.

Unfortunately, Young Lady's nausea took a turn for the worse when a certain classmate had the audacity to give her an EIGHT HEART valentine. Wrong move, buddy! Play it safe next year and stick with just one heart. Two if you must.

I commented that, in many ways, Christmas is like God's valentine to us. Without pause, Young Lady shook her head in disagreement and said that *every day* is God's Valentine's Day.

What a great thought, isn't it? To live expectantly with the belief that we can find Love Whispers from God tucked into the creases of each and every day.

Daily valentines from God. We are loved indeed.