Love Spills Over

“When we cuddle at night
Teach my heart to be young
‘Cause the greatest of moments
Are these everyday moments of love...”

~ from “Everyday Moments of Love”
@ 2007, Lisa Venkatrathnam

There is a sticky-sweet trail of liquid on the stairs this morning. In my grogginess my mind fights to pinpoint its origin. Young Man rushes from the kitchen to greet me, tells me to go back upstairs.

“It’s a surprise!” he says.

I feel badly for my morning-grumpiness that threatens to surface when talking with another human being so early in the day. I attempt a smile, ask him to give me a minute to wake up first. Then I grab a towel and retrace my steps on the stairway, wiping as I go. Whew, not puppy pee LOL! Hot apple cider, my guess, splashing over the edge of a mug on its way to a Special Breakfast.

Young Man first began hosting Special Breakfast in his bedroom when he was still a preschooler. Candles, tablecloths, place cards ~ these are but a few of the items that he has been known to lug up to his room in preparation for his guests.

Today, the metal folding-table is plainly set. The menu consists of apple cider, oranges doused in a generous plop of chocolate pudding, and chocolate cupcakes. I diplomatically suggest that we save the cupcakes for afternoon snack, that I could bring up some toast instead.

We look at the clock and count forward by seven hours. Yes, halfway across the world, Daddy should be boarding the first of four planes just about now. In another 30 hours, he’ll be home.

“We’ll have a BIG breakfast on Wednesday,” states Young Man, already planning ahead.

It is a school morning, and Young Lady isn’t awake yet. I nudge her out of bed and we rush to get ready.

“Daddy comes home tomorrow,” she reminds Crazy Puppy.

Yesterday, Young Lady swept the back porch and wrestled the Too Big vacuum cleaner in an attempt to capture the dust bunnies that have been breeding in the living room and dining room. She, too, has been getting ready for her daddy’s return.

We make it to the bus stop in time. The bus arrives and leaves, taking with it the noise and commotion of the morning’s activities. Crazy Puppy and I walk the long way home, enjoying the quiet beauty of a fall day.

Back home, I clean up a splotch of chocolate pudding that landed on the kitchen floor, and wipe off the stovetop where a puddle of cider serves as a gentle reminder of the everydayness of love.

With gratefulness, love spills over.