Someone once remarked to me that a particular song of mine was “forgettable.” Now I would *LIKE* you to think that I am, uh, mature enough to have taken said remark fully in stride. But truth is, the feedback carried some sting. To say otherwise would be like me trying to pour birdseed into your candy dispenser. (Nope, I’ve never heard that expression before either, but I'm coming to fancy it LOL).

Forgettable. The word can strike at a deep level, can’t it? A student who feels invisible at school. The volunteer whose work is seemingly unnoticed. A shut-in, waiting for a visitor. An inmate, living in sentenced obscurity. The unseen parent at home. The worker who is suddenly informed that their job is disposable. A neighbor, unrecognized in passing on the sidewalk. No matter the age or stage, the threat of “forgettable” can nip at our heels and gnaw at our hearts.

There is One, though, who promises to never forget us. Ever. It’s a promise basked in compassion:
"Like a mother who cannot fathom
forgetting the baby she nursed,
I will not forget you.
Look, then look again.
I have engraved your name
on the palm of my hand.”

(Isaiah 49.15-16)

Imagine that. God, with a to-do list surely bigger than any of our own, promises to never ever forget us. Not a single one of us.

And as proof, our names are written on the palm of the Great Rememberer’s hand. The very hands that would one day be outstretched on our behalf.

So in those moments of “forgettable,” let’s help each other remember the One who promises to never forget.