Unexpected Places

My surliness was in full swing by the time supper rolled around. Everyone's energies kept spilling in the wrong direction, and I felt too tired to figure out how to redirect the situation [parent-speak for, uh, desperately trying to get Little Folk to (1) sit and (2) eat without (3) hitting (4) screaming or (5) using bathroom humor]. The soggy outdoors certainly didn't help anyone's mood.

After we had eaten, Young Lady excitedly proclaimed that she had earlier set up a scavenger hunt for us. Didn't we want to go find our prizes?

She sent me into the hallway. "Hotter! Hotter!" she kept exclaiming, till I finally found a small note, tucked into the hallway shelf. I opened it up, curious.

I swallowed hard. Finding joy in unexpected places. Exactly what I need.

Celebrating simple graces along the way,